The Official Academy for Service Professionals™ (Lawn Care, Cleaning, Pest Control, Pool Care, HVAC, Plumbing Companies) looking to multiply their profits and build the service business they dream of without wasting time doing the wrong things.

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Service Autopilot Academy™ provides the proven systems, strategies and tactics you need to build and grow a profitable service business that meets your financial and lifestyle goals.

As a SA Academy Member, you will interact, network and learn alongside other successful entrepreneurs from around the world. This private community will be the catalyst for your future growth and success of your growing business.

Don’t take our word for it… Listen to what our members have to say!!!


We are putting our money where our mouth is… We are so confident that the business strategies, marketing tactics and included done-for-you templates and systems will transform your business WE WILL PAY YOU if they don’t. Simply show us you implemented everything we teach you for the next 12 months and if you still haven’t MORE THAN DOUBLED YOUR TINY INVESTMENT (AT LEAST a 200+% ROI)

We will give you $25,000.00 in cold hard cash.

WHAT THAT MEANS TO YOU…. Unless you refuse to take action and do nothing we are guaranteeing YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY no matter what!

Did we mention Academy is 100% fully tax deductible?! Ask your accountant about IRS Publication 970 – Tax Benefits for Education… If you are paying ANY money to the tax man this year and not investing in your future… you are burning money.


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Have a question?

It has probably already been answered in this FAQ. If not you can email: info@serviceautopilotacademy.com
Please read the FAQ in its entirety before emailing us a question.

What is Service Autopilot Academy?

Service Autopilot Academy is a training and coaching group designed specifically for field service professionals. Academy is dedicated to helping business owners and senior managers multiply their business, their profits and their happiness without wasting time doing the wrong things. We do this by working together to learn, grow and be held accountable to make consistent forward progress in our businesses.

Who is Service Autopilot Academy For?
For business owners or key managers with decision making authority running field service businesses including Lawn Care, Cleaning, Pest Control, Pool Care, HVAC, and Plumbing Companies.

How much does it cost? What is included?
Academy has two levels of membership depending on the type of business owner you want to be.

Pro Membership – $497/Month or One Payment of $4997/Year

• Save almost $1000.00 on your first 12 months when you make one payment!!! ($497/Month after that.)

• Academy is essentially FREE when you deduct it from your taxes. – ask your accountant!

• Monthly Business/Marketing Strategy Webinar.

• Step-By-Step Business Systems, Procedures & Checklists (included with monthly training.)

• Done-For-You Marketing Materials & Templates (included with monthly training.)

• Members Only Forum & Training Archive.

• Exclusive “Service Autopilot Academy” Facebook Group.

• Academy Members Only Annual Las Vegas Meet up.

Elite Membership – $897/Month or One Payment of $10,764/Year
Includes everything above PLUS:

• Monthly ACCOUNTABILITY and Q&A call with Jonathan and Andrew.

• Work the plan and be held accountable by all Elite Members.

• Indepth Goal Setting and Strategic Planning C.O.R.E. Training Session.

• Design your life. Create Goals. Take Action. Be Held Accountable.

• Two Private 1on1 emergency phone calls with Andrew or Jonathan.

• Get completely confidential support and advice when you need it most.

• Three ELITE Members Only Adventure Mastermind Trips

• Spend 3 weekends a year relaxing yourself, refueling your business and masterminding personally with Jonathan, Andrew and other industry leaders. *Expenses Not Included

What will I learn?
You will learn the latest business strategies and marketing tactics to build a scalable and highly profitable field service business. You will also be given ready to implement business systems, processes and done-for-you marketing templates.

Why is there an application process?
This group is not for everyone. In fact, it is not for 95% of business owners. The majority of business owners talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. We want to filter out the talkers from the doers as quickly as possible. This makes the group even more powerful to the other group members.

Will you really kick people out of the group?
Yes. Not implementing the knowledge you learn, complaints from other members, negative attitude, not fun individual to be around, expect special treatment or don’t contribute can prompt your membership to be terminated without warning.

How long will it take to see results?
Some of the marketing strategies will give you an instant increase in sales the day you implement them. Others are foundational business practices and marketing tactics that will take longer to result in sales (3-6 months). Ultimately, the answer to this question largely depends on how quickly and to what degree you implement the strategies contained in the program.

Can I talk to Andrew or Jonathan before applying?
Due to their incredibly tight schedules, they do not take calls to answer questions about the program. That is what this FAQ is for. However, if you have a question not answered in this FAQ you can email: info@serviceautopilotacademy.com. Please read the entire FAQ before emailing.

Does Academy take the place of the Lawn Care Millionaire Round Table offered by Jonathan?
Yes. If you are trying to choose between Round Table or Service Autopilot Academy you should absolutely choose Academy. Furthermore, Jonathan is so busy he almost never holds a Round Table event. The waiting list is fairly long.

What is the difference between the Pro Membership and the Elite membership? Is it only two 1-on-1 calls and the trip? Is it worth the extra money?
Yes. The main difference between the two membership levels is the second monthly Q&A and accountability session, two 1-on-1 calls and the summer weekend adventure with other industry leaders. The majority of the additional investment you make in an Elite membership will be spent delivering an epic weekend adventure. For the summer trip you will be responsible for travel and hotel expenses. Your extra dues will help pay for food, entertainment and activities.

The relationships you build in Academy will be a huge difference maker in your long-term success. The summer get away will help make this possible. Jonathan and Andrew feel strongly that building close personal relationships with other members is one of the best reasons to join Academy. And these relationships are best built in person (and may or may not involve alcohol). It is difficult to bond via the phone, webinar or Facebook. For this reason, this first year of Academy, the SA Academy Elite investment is intentionally low. It will go up.

Can I talk to a few references before applying?
No. It is our strict policy to NOT give out our member info.

Is Academy Right for Me?

What is the criteria for who you are letting in the group?
We keep this private as we do not want to influence the answers provided. That said, there is currently not a minimum annual revenue requirement to be accepted. Our membership does consist of a few startups as well as companies grossing $10+ million annually. The expectations for both levels of businesses to perform, participate and transform is the same.

Do I have to own the company?
No. Academy is completely relevant to Key Management with decision making authority.

How much money should I be grossing before I join Academy?
Think in terms of Return on Investment.
If you are really small… it’s just you in the field. If you can’t find anytime to implement any of the ideas this isn’t for you. Wait and apply when you have help in the field to free you up to work on your business for at least 10 hours a week. Reality is you will never grow a big business with out systems and marketing. The sooner you start the sooner you will start growing. The sooner you do what the big guys do the sooner you will be one of them.

Your Time & Financial Commitment

Why is Academy so expensive?
Just one of the done for you systems with included templates would easily cost 1000’s of dollars if created custom, tested and taught to you. For the amount of cost and time it would take you to learn and recreate what we will hand deliver… this is an off the charts bargain. Bottom line: If your business is doing so poorly that you cannot afford $500/month or if you are so busy chasing your tail working IN your business instead of working ON your business, then that is all the more reason you need to apply today.

Why is Academy so cheap?
We priced academy so we could easily fill it up fast. The price will go up as we reach capacity. We will not announce when this is going to happen.

How Much Time Will This Take?
Some marketing tactics may take 1-2 hours to implement; whereas, other business systems might be implemented slowly over time. A total transformation of your business and personal life won’t happen overnight.

What if I can’t implement one of the systems because I am too busy that month?
You will not implement all of the systems. No one will. However, you are expected to implement at least four of the systems per year. Academy was priced so that if you only implement one system per year you will receive significant value.

How Much Money Will I Have To Spend? (other than the membership investment)
Printer costs, postage, miscellaneous marketing expenses, and miscellaneous business expenses will depend on what and how you implement the training and systems. When it comes to marketing expenses they will be as small or great as you can afford. Likewise, your results will be based on what you can afford. Many of the systems will require a minimal additional investment to implement.

What if I’m dead broke and can’t afford your membership?
On several occasions, we have encountered small businesses that are really struggling to make ends meet. It’s almost tragic to hear their stories about how poorly they are doing. Funny thing is, these same people are the ones who resist to the bitter end when it comes to feeding their minds by investing in learning programs, seminars or books - even though they are the ones that need it the MOST.

They think, “If I was doing better financially and in my business, I would have no problem investing some money into this kind of program.” But the truth is, successful people and businesses earn big profits because they invest in learning and growing their business; not the other way around. You will be hard pressed to find top business owners or professionals that don’t regularly invest in feeding their minds through coaching, information products, books, and seminars.

What if I’m too busy right now to implement the strategies… should I wait to apply?
That is a valid concern; however, I know a LOT of business owners that are waiting for the “right” time to get started on building real businesses. Know what? The “right” time NEVER comes along because there is always some project, problem, or issue that takes up your time and attention.

If you wait around for the “perfect” time to come along, you’ll spin your wheels for months, maybe even YEARS making zero headway and get so caught up in working IN your business that you never take time to work ON your business.

Your Skill Level

Can I Do This Myself or Do I Need to Hire Someone?
You may need a designer to help you customize the professional done-for-you templates. Often times, a local printer has a designer on staff. Worse case, we can point you in the right direction. Design changes should be minimal.

I’m concerned I won’t be able to implement all the systems and ideas?
You won’t implement everything immediately. Almost no one will. We expect you to implement at least one system per quarter and implement it fully. You can implement the other systems as you have time. Ideally you will implement at least 8. That is why we are trying to make each system as done-for-you as possible. We priced Academy so that if you only implement one system per year the entire membership will be paid for. However, if you only implement one system per year we will give your spot in Academy to someone willing to do the work and create a great business.

Billing, Quitting, Returning & Pausing Memberships

When do Academy memberships renew?
Memberships automatically renew on the 1st of every month or on the 1st of every month of year two (if you paid for an entire year.)

How do I cancel my membership?
Email info@serviceautopilotacademy.com and follow the instructions on the cancelation page to terminate automatic billing. Memberships canceled after 12 am EST on the 1st of the month will be terminated at the end of that month.

What is your refund policy?
We don’t offer refunds. You are free to quit at anytime.

Can I pause my membership?
We don’t offer an option to pause memberships. As a business owner you should be budgeting for training in advance and making time to improve your business EVERY month not just when you aren’t busy, it’s convenient or you have “extra” money.

Can I leave and come back?
You can quit at any time. If you want to come back you are of course free to reapply. To date, not a single former member has ever been accepted back into the program after quiting.

Can I downgrade my Elite membership to Pro?
Yes. However you won’t be able to rejoin Elite at a later date. Allowing members to leave and come back dilutes the quality of the group.

If I get really busy during spring and can’t handle anymore clients can I drop out and return next fall?
You are probably not a fit for this group. This is one of the number one problems we see with companies that continually struggle. There is no foresight. If you are not constantly working to fill your pipeline and improve the systems of your business your business will have perpetual ups and downs. Growing a great company and big company requires constant improvement… 12 months per year. Note: if you have so much work you are turning away new clients… raise your prices. But at all costs continue to market and improve the systems of your company.

Done For You Systems & Templates

Is the only benefit to Academy the Done-For-You systems?
Absolutely not. Just as critical are the relationships and friendships you will develop. The big breakthroughs come from developing friendships with other owners in the same boat. When you have a question or concern the ability to pick up the phone and get an answer is huge. Andrew and Jonathan want to build a group of very successful very smart business owners that all help each other. This is not just about Andrew and Jonathan. Many of your breakthroughs will come from others in the group through the relationships you develop. That is why we added the Summer Retreat option. This is the best opportunity to really get to know others in the group.

Can I teach other people the systems and strategies I learn in this group?
No, and doing so will cause your membership to be terminated. This exclusive group is our members’ competitive advantage. If you teach or share the tactics with non-members you will be asked to leave. This is included in the confidentiality agreement every member signs.

Can I use these templates for my friends, families, franchisees businesses (other businesses)?
No. All members sign a copyright agreement upon acceptance. You are granted a limited single use (one company) license to use the templates, systems and training in a single business. Franchisor’s licenses are not included. The course materials can only be used in the business you signed up under. We are very serious about this. Again, this is the competitive advantage of the group for all involved.

What format are the Done-For-You templates delivered in?
The printer ready Done-For-You templates are delivered in professional design formats: Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), etc… and will require professional software and some basic skills to customize (add your logo, change text, etc). In most cases your printer can do this for you and we will do our best to recommend someone to assist.

Every business has different seasonality. How will you deliver the right systems or right marketing wording to me specific to my market and seasonality?
Seasonality is considered. Often times seasonality is a critical consideration and will affect your results. If we fail to consider a seasonality factor unique to your market we will help you figure out a plan to address it.

Competitors & Confidentiality

Will my business secrets be shared?
We expect the problems, success and details of your business and life to be an open book (to the point you are comfortable). Therefore, all members must sign a confidentiality agreement. Confidentiality is strictly enforced. If you share the details of another member’s business you will be asked to leave. If you share the systems and training with non-members you will be asked to leave. Andrew and Jonathan have participated in other groups where confidentiality is expected. Rarely do we see a problem when members are filtered out via an application process. Likewise, the monthly investment required of this group filters out most trouble makers. We do not expect any issues and will immediately deal with any that arise.

Will you tell me if my competitor is in the group?
No, our member list is confidential. Jonathan regularly has breakfast with one of his largest competitors. Likewise, this competitor is a Service Autopilot member. Knowing your competitors is not the negative most assume. This group is so small the odds of a direct competitor being in the group are small.

Will you let my competitor in the group?
Potentially, if they make it through the application process. We haven’t had any conflicts. However, as in anything else… the company that takes most of the action reaps most of the rewards. Maybe that is you. Maybe that is your competitor. You tell us.

What if my competition is a member? Won’t my marketing look just like theirs?
We’ve NEVER had anyone tell us they implemented one of our marketing systems and received complaints from the recipients that they had already seen that campaign.

The chances of someone in your area doing the exact same marketing, to the exact same list, at the exact same time are extremely low. Besides, your prospects are not studying your marketing or the marketing of your competition and probably won’t notice the same way YOU would.

Your biggest worry should not be whether or not your competition is using the same Done-For-You marketing system; your biggest concern should be that you currently don’t have a scalable business or an effective marketing plan in place, and probably don’t know the first place to start. That is a MUCH bigger threat to your business and financial security than your competition sending out the same mailer. There is a greater danger in NOT doing these things than anything your competition could do.

Monthly Meetings, Format & Academy Duration

How are the monthly meetings organized?
Via GoToMeeting. You will be provided a phone number and website link to connect. You can submit questions in advance or ask questions during the live call.

When will the monthly meetings be held?
Typically meetings will be held the 2nd week of each month.

What if I can’t make the monthly implementation call?
No problem. They are all recorded. However, your participation is expected. If you consistently fail to attend the live calls you will be culled from the group for not participating. Odds are you will probably not listen to the recording and therefore fail to implement the systems we are hand delivering to you. It is imperative you block out time to implement the systems discussed during the implementation call. It is too easy to become distracted by your business and never listen to the recorded calls. Blocking out the call on your calendar and attending live will dramatically impact your success.

Can my business partner participate in the monthly group call?

Will Academy last longer than 12 months?
Yes. Our concept is Academy will be core to your business for years to come. The year two content and systems will not be a repeat of year one. Academy will evolve as we learn more about what you most want and how to best help you.

Annual Retreat (Academy Elite™ Members Only)

Will the Academy Retreat in July be Fun or More about Work?
More Fun with a bit of work intertwined. Think of it as a fun break from your daily grind to recharge and get ready for the 2nd half of the year. There will be tons of ideas shared… there will be breakthroughs… but it will happen while having a lot of fun.

Regarding the July Retreat what does it include?
You are responsible for travel and hotel. We will cover most of your meals, all activities and all entertainment.

Where will the Retreat be held?
In the U.S. Location to be announced.

Can a spouse or business partner attend the retreat?
Yes. However, depending on the activities and entertainment there may be an additional charge. This is still to be determined as it will be based on the selected location and entertainment.

Asking Questions & The Facebook group

What happens if the Facebook group turns negative like most industry forums?
It won’t. This is a moderated group with curated membership. Negative, non supportive, non contributing group members, non-action takers, trouble makers and all-round unhappy people will be asked to leave.

If I join Academy will I be able to call Jonathan and Andrew when I have questions?
No. Both Andrew and Jonathan live by a preplanned schedule. Neither of them take unscheduled calls. Each month there is a live Q&A session. Questions are answered during that time. There is also a private members only Facebook group where you can ask questions.


Do I need to be a Service Autopilot member?

Is the Academy content similar to what Andrew and Jonathan have online via LawnCareMillionaire.com, LawnCareMarketingExpert.com or SellMoreWork.com?
No. Academy is about delivering to you systems as close to done-for-you as possible. A lot of private information not shared publically is shared via this group. Academy is nothing like LCM or LCME.

Does Academy Include my Service Autopilot membership?
No. Your Academy investment is separate from Service Autopilot.

Does Academy Include Andrew’s marketing agency’s services?
No. Andrew’s marketing agency focuses on online marketing strategies not easily mastered by most business owners such as SEO and PPC Advertising.

Our Guarantee

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee that if you don’t take action, you won’t get results.

What if Academy Doesn’t Help My Business?
You can quit any time. If you implement the ideas in Academy and do the work you will be successful. Most owners are unwilling to do what it takes to be successful. It is easier to talk about it. It’s easier to do petty non important business activities vs the harder important activities that move a business forward. If you implement and do the work required you will be successful.

Consider the math. Assume every job you perform entails 50% labor cost (which is high). For every $100 you make it costs you $50 in labor. Academy is only $500/mo. Each month all Academy has to do is make you an extra $1000. 1000 – 500 labor = 500 gross profit. Or, what if academy finds you an additional $1000 is recurring monthly revenue. That pays for Academy forever. Everything else you make is gravy.

If you think in terms or ROI it is not difficult to justify the small monthly investment Academy requires.

How Do You Know This Stuff Works?
We are hand delivering you the systems we have used to build our companies. As our companies grow and evolve… as the market and economy changes we craft new systems. Every system is backed up by real-world-experience. We are spending significant sums of money to participate in other groups like this. You gain the knowledge of all we learn. Every system hand delivered to you has been or will be tested in advance.

Disclaimer – Any case studies, examples, illustrations, etc. cannot guarantee that the user will achieve similar results.
In fact, your results may vary significantly based on your personal effort and many other circumstances.

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